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Dockequipment partnership

your brand, (y)our product

For over 50 years, we have produced and supplied our private label (non-branded), state-of-the-art, products to docking equipment businesses and door companies worldwide. We offer over 30 high quality products which you can: Immediately add to your catalog, order pieces on demand and easily brand as your own.

For all your customers in logistics and all your customers located in industrial buildings, we would like to offer our dockequipment to you

to give you the opportunity to get acquinted with us, we would like to draw your attention to one of our bestsellers:

Dockshelter DSCM: the only real all-rounder

The latest generation curtain dockshelter  is suitable in almost any situation! The DSCM dockshelter is available in many different types and sizes with a wide variety of customized options.


We are therefore proud to mention that thousands of our DSCM dock shelters have already found their way to satisfied customers throughout the globe for over years now.


Appearance does matter: Optimum aesthetic finish AND your logo on top of the curtain!
Not convinced yet? What about these features:

Durable long life span trough robust design
and use of highest materials

The design ensures optimum, lateral, water, drainage, preventing water ingress onto the goods during (un)loading

Uninterrupted continuous seal:
thoughtful design prevents leakage


Our proposition:

Manufacturing quality & reliability
Reduce your R&D cost and Time to Market by outsourced production of a complete range of high quality and reliable dock equipment products, all “Made in Holland”.

Elevate your brand
Further elevate your own brand on the basis of 50+ years’ experience, a highly automated State-of-the-Art production and competitive market compliant products.

Gain access to full technical and commercial support via our Area Managemer and Customer Support Center. Easy Online Quoting and Configuration System.

Want to know more?

I would like to explain this and meanwhile introduce myself to you in a personal meeting.
My name is Arnoud, your Area Manager for Dockequipment.eu.  If you allow me, I will
contact you in the near future to further discuss our proposition!
Or contact me directly.

Arnoud de Boer
Area Sales Manager


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Laatste Ontwikkelingen

Blijf hier op de hoogte van de laatste ontwikkelingen op het gebied van onze producten en projecten.
01 juni 2017: Brievenbusafdichting ATS vernieuwd!
We zijn verheugd, dat we per 1 juni 2017, de nieuwe brievenbusafdichting voor onze dock leveller DLH-NG kunnen introduceren...lees meer