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the van-dock shelter:  especially for parcel services and delivery vans


Robust cushions are used that perfectly seal the space between the warehouse opening and the docked van.





  • The best seal and therefore optimal protection of goods
  • Maximum energy savings thanks to complete shut-off and thus extremely cost-effective
  • Robust cushions made from high quality materials
  • Bevelled cushions that seal the angled back of vans by being placed at an angle
  • Standard camera opening in the top cushion, so that vans with a rear camera can dock without damage.

The DSV-NG is a dock shelter especially for parcel services and delivery vans. The different shape of the rear of vans requires individual solutions. The DSV-NG Van-Dock shelter is designed to provide a good seal between the building and vans, protecting cargo from weather and theft.

The side cushions are sloped from top to bottom to perfectly match the angled rear of vans. The side cushions are standard 200 mm wide to prevent the vehicle hinges from damaging the cushions. The door hinges will end up next to the cushions on both sides, thanks to the narrow cushions.

The Van-Dock shelter has been specially developed for Mercedes Sprinter (>2006) and Volkswagen Crafter (<2017) in terms of standard sizes, but Dockequipment has a solution for every customer-specific situation.

See here how the new DSV-NG Van-Dock shelter works in our Test Facility:


The dock shelter DSV-NG is available in the following standard dimensions. Special dimensions are available on request.
Note: For vans with a footboard at the rear, a tail lift opening is required, in which a rubber bumper can optionally be mounted.


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