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July 2021: Introduction Van-Dock shelter DSV-NG

the new dsv-ng van-dock shelter available now!

The demand for home delivery service has been on the increase for several years, however with the recent pandemic this demand has seen a dramatic sharp rise. As a result, the use of delivery vans and parcel services has increased enormously and so has the demand from our customers for a suitable solution for safe loading. We are therefore very pleased to introduce the new DSV-NG dock shelter, which exactly meets this demand.

The DSV-NG is a dock shelter especially for parcel services and delivery vans. Robust cushions are used that perfectly seal the space between the warehouse opening and the docked van.

Usually, the sides of vans slope upwards and the back is also angled, the DSV-NG is designed to fit perfectly into this. The cushions of the DSV-NG are sloped in depth from top to bottom, and the side cushions are angled inward.

The Van-Dock shelter is standardly suitable for Mercedes Sprinter and Volkswagen Crafter, but with a few minor adjustments it is suitable for any van.

See here how the new DSV-NG Van-Dock shelter works in our Test Facility:


  • Consists of high-quality materials, a galvanized steel rear frame, a core of foam and PVC cloth.
  • The cushions can easily be attached to the wall, thanks to keyholes on the back. The entire shelter can even be installed by 1 technician!
  • The side cushions are standard 200 mm wide to prevent the vehicle hinges from damaging the cushions. The door hinges will end up next to the cushions on both sides, thanks to the narrow cushions. Optional 300 mm wide cushions are available, but they are more vulnerable to protruding parts.
  • A camera cutout is provided as standard, so that vans with a rearview camera can dock without damage.


  • Bottom cushion, to create a perfect all-round seal if not using a leveller.
  • Rain cover, it protects to water and can be provided with a number.

More information about the Van-Dock shelter can be found here

If you have any questions, or would like to receive an offer, please do not hesitate and contact us.

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