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Wide range of high quality DOCKLEVELLERS

Are you a reseller or contractor and looking for high quality docklevellers? We recommend finding the desired dock leveller in our web shop!

We offer a wide range of dock levelers in our web shop which can be assembled according to your preferences and demands.
We can manufacture your dock leveler (s) customized according to your preferences!

Not a DOCKEQUIPMENT.EU-customer yet?

If you are registered as a customer at Dockequipment.eu, you can directly visit our web shop and inspect all information (such as the installation drawings and other technical information).
Of course, you can also order your loading dock leveler (s) directly online.
You are not a customer of Dockequipment.eu yet? Please, register as a reseller directly.

DOCK LEVELLERS custom made

Our hydraulic-electrical dock levellers are used in order to bridge the difference in height and distance between the loading bay and the vehicle floor as efficient as possible. The dockleveler ensures an optimal connection between the lip or sliding and the vehicle bed. During loading and unloading the dockleveller will automatically follow each up and down (suspension) movement and due to the lateral flexibility the dockleveller will follow the ‘tilting’ movements of the vehicle as well. You can choose between a dock leveler with hinged lip (DLH) or a dock leveller with telescopic slide (DLE).
In our web shop you can choose the type of dock leveler yourself and choose from a wide range of matching pit systems and options to make your dock leveller custom made!


Hinged lip Type: DLH-NG 60KN
Telescopic slide Type: DLE-NG 60KN


Are you a customer of Dockequipment.eu? You can order your custom made dock leveller directly online. To create your own dock leveler, you go through the selection process itself. Here you select the type (length, width), colour, frame etc. We will contact you to confirm the exact delivery date after the order has been placed with us.

more information about our docklevellers?

Please, fill in the contact form below and we will contact you ASAP.
You can also call us directly on the following phone number: +31 (0) 33 206 75 


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After a long search for a supplier for levellers, we ended up at Dockequipment.eu in 2016. A party that we still work with to this day. The added value we demand, such as...


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