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Términos y condiciones


Dockequipment.eu is operated by Van Wijk Nederland BV (VWNL). The general terms of VWNL do therefore also apply to dockequipment.eu.

Click here to download our General Sales Conditions.

In addition to these General Sales Conditions, the following conditions also apply on the transactions:

Terms and conditions of sale:

  • The General Sales Conditions of Van Wijk Nederland BV, located in Lelystad, The Netherlands, are applicable to all transactions made with dockequipment.eu operated by Van Wijk Netherlands BV (VWNL). These conditions are enclosed with the offer and the order confirmation and/or are published on the website of dockequipment.eu (www.dockequipment.eu)
  • Dockequipment.eu explicitly rejects the applicability of any other conditions referred to by the Buyer.
  • An agreement shall only be effected when the Buyer explicitly has agreed to our General Sales Conditions after placing his order on www.dockequipment.eu or if the order is placed directly at VWNL, the agreement shall only be effected after the order confirmation issued by VWNL, has been signed for agreement and returned to VWNL by the Buyer. When the order confirmation has not been signed for agreement at the “Please sign before” date mentioned on the order confirmation and timely returned to VWNL, VWNL reserves the right to adjust prices and the mentioned delivery date.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, all transactions with dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL are in accordance with the product sheet, installation drawings and force diagrams/drawings, assembly instructions (in order), user manuals (in order), and/or are to be downloaded from our website www.dockequipment.eu


  • If the Buyer terminates the agreement with Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL without being entitled to do so under the General Sales Conditions VWNL, the Buyer shall be liable for all damages Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL suffers as a result of this termination, including lost profits. The minimum extent of this damage is fixed by the parties in advance at 5% of the purchase price.

Prices and Price Changes:

  • All prices specified by Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL are, unless otherwise stated, exclusive of VAT and other government set duties and surcharges.
  • If the actual price/metric ton for a hot rolled coil of steel of the Europe Average Domestic Transaction Price Forecast on page 9 of the MEPS European Steel Review increased by more than 5% (five percent) in a specific month in comparison with the closing date of the order, then Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL shall be authorised to withdraw from any price quotation at any time and to increase or decrease the price stated on the order confirmation.

date of delivery:

  • Upon receipt of your payment with order, the order will be scheduled for production. You will then be informed about the exact delivery date. Lead times are indicative only and subject to confirmation at point of order.

Delivery Conditions:

  • Delivery is performed through Ex Works (EXW) Dockequipment.eu, Bouwweg 14, Lelystad, The netherlands, Incoterms 2010.
    If the delivery is made Carriage Paid to (CPT) in accordance with Incoterms 2010, the delivery date shall always be subject to final confirmation from the forwarder


  • If the Buyer, for any reason whatsoever, is also unable to take receipt of the goods at the agreed time (delivery date) and these are ready for shipment, dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL shall store the goods at the Buyer's request, if the storage capabilities allow it.
  • Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL shall not be held liable for any deterioration in quality after the delivery date has passed.
  • The Buyer will not be charged for any storage costs for the first four weeks, to be calculated from the date of delivery. For each week or part thereof after this period, the Buyer shall pay €4.00 for the storage of each loading ramp and €2.00 for the storage of any dock shelter. Other goods €2. These amounts are exclusive of VAT.
  • Any Buyer that makes use of the storage option shall remain under obligation to pay the purchase price, at the agreed time.


  • Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL provides a guarantee for a period of one year in accordance with the provisions of the General Sales Conditions. Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL provides an EC declaration of conformity (Directive 2006/42/EEC, Annex II, section A) on the condition that all components, accessories and control boxes are supplied by dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL and are installed according to the installation instructions, by qualified personnel. In all other cases dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL grants a 2B declaration of incorporation (Directive 2006/42/EEC, Annex II, under Section B) and it is forbidden to put the product into service before the Buyer has declared the assembled product to be in accordance with the EC Directive.
  • Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL treats weights and measures with the greatest care; nevertheless, dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL does not guarantee that no deviation of weights and measures will occur.


  • Orders up to € 10.000, - must be paid in advance 100%.
  • If the total order amount exceeds € 10.000, - , Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL shall ask the credit insurance company to insure the invoice.
  • Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL has insurance cover, for its receivables, with a credit insurance company. If the credit limit obtained is insufficient, the Buyer is obliged, following a first request from VWNL, to provide security for the payment of the amount(s) payable to VWNL under this Agreement, such as in the form of an advance payment or the provision of a bank guarantee.
  • If the credit limit obtained is sufficient, the following payment terms for order amounts above € 10.000, - apply: 30% of the total order amount must be paid in advance (when ordering) and 70% of the total amount should have been paid before delivery.
  • Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL shall be entitled to refuse to process the order until the provisions defined in the above paragraph of this article have been met.
  • If the Buyer fails to pay the full invoice amount within the prescribed period, Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL shall be authorised to suspend delivery until the Buyer settles the outstanding invoice amount in full, without this entitling the Buyer to defer payment of the purchase price.

User Manuals

  • Dockequipment.eu operated by VWNL makes original manuals available to the Buyer; these are written in Dutch, English, German and French. If the Buyer requires a manual in any other language, the Buyer must arrange and pay for this. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to check if the translated text is in compliance with any national provisions.

change of specification

  • Changes in specifications and/or numbers requested by the Buyer are not possible anymore once the order is confirmed and paid for.

Please be aware that, due to circumstances as described in Clause 35 of the General Sales Conditions, VWNL cannot guarantee that VWNL will be able to respect the time for delivery, as mentioned. There may certainly be consequences for the time of delivery resulting from circumstances as described in Clause 35 of the General Sales Conditions, such as but not limited to epidemics and government measures as a result of an outbreak of viruses or the consequences of contagious diseases. VWNL therefore expressly stipulate that the time for delivery is only indicative and may be exceeded, due to circumstances as described in Clause 35 of the General Sales Conditions.

By acceptance of present quotation, including this express stipulation for the time for delivery and delay, the Buyer agrees that VWNL will not be liable for any of the Buyer’s costs and damages resulting from delay in delivery due to circumstances as described in Clause 35 of the General Sales Conditions. Any agreed liquidated damages and/or penalties which would become due in case of delay will not be due if and insofar as the delay is a result of a circumstance as described in Clause 35 of the Generals Sales Conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed, the purchase price shall be paid in full when the Product, or the essential part of the Product, is ready for delivery as described in Clause 14 of the General Sales Conditions. In the event that a part of the Product is not delivered due to circumstances as described in Clause 35 of the General Sales Conditions, that part of the Product will be delivered at first opportunity. Insofar as the Product possesses the essential parts, exceeding the time of delivery shall not give the Buyer the right to cancel the order, suspend the obligation of payment nor the right to rescind the order in full or in part.

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