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Loading Dock - Ramp


Are you a reseller or contractor and looking for high quality dockequipment to complete your loading dock? We recommend finding the desired products in our web shop!
We offer a wide range of dock equipment products in our web shop which can be assembled according to your preferences and demands. We can complete your loading dock with customized dockequipment according to your preferences!
The loading dock or loading bay is the area of a building where goods vehicles  are loaded and unloaded. Loading docks may be exterior, flush with the building envelope, or fully enclosed.
Dockequipment.eu can provide a wide range of dock equipment products to complete any loading dock!


All of our registered customers can access all information directly in this web shop (such as the installation drawing (s), pitdrawings for the loading ramps  and other technical information) and can directly select their dock equipment for their loading dock order. Not a customer yet? Please, register as a reseller directly. 

We offer you the following products, which can be ordered through our web shop to complete your loading dock(s):


Before you choose the type and dimensions of the loading ramp, which can be easily ordered and assembled in our web shop, we would advise you to make an inventory of external transport vehicles, goods to be loaded and unloaded and internal transport vehicles.This information is essential for selecting the loading ramp most suitable for your application.

To determine the necessary maximal capacity of the loading ramp, the maximal weights (~train weight) of the internal transport vehicle + driver + heaviest load that are used on the loading ramp must be known.  Please, do not hesitate to contact us, should you require any assistance by finding the right loading ramp for you.


Our loading ramps, which are available in two types: hinged lip (DLH-NG) and telescopic sliding (DLE-NG), are CE certified and conform EN 1389-1:2008 and are suitable for use under the following “standard” conditions:
- Maximum gradient platform of the loading ramp 12,5 %;
- Minimum contact area per wheel of 150 * 150 mm on the platform;
- Maximum driving speed lengthways 7 km/h;
- One shift per day.

The following exceptional conditions will require a heavier capacity of the loading ramp:
- Driving at high speeds often involving abrupt braking on the dock;
- Internal transportation vehicles with small wheels;
- Very intensive multi shifts usage.
In all these cases, it is wise to contact us first to determine which loading ramp should apply for your situation.


The loading dock can be made available for different pit systems. These pit designs are universal and can be applied to any type of loading ramp.


Besides our loading ramps, our high quality DSCM curtain dockshelters can be used to complete your loading dock for a wide variety of purposes and are excellently suited for loading and unloading docks where many different vehicle sizes dock. The optimum applicability and relatively low price make this type of shelter the most frequently applied dock shelter. During docking, the vehicle presses against the curtain structure, resulting whereof the curtains provide an excellent sealing between vehicle and building. To assist the vehicle driver when docking in the centre of the loading dock, white guiding stripes have been applied on the side curtains of the dock shelter.


To further optimize the safety of your loading dock for people, building and material, such as the loading ramp, we offer you several accessories and dock bumpers which can be mounted to complete the loading dock. A selection of the products that can be found in our webshop, are LED docklights, traffic lights, wheelguides, wheelchocks, dock stairs and differtent types of (moveable) dock bumpers. Do not hesitate to visit our webshop for more information since safety in and around a loading dock is one of the most important issues!

Everything for your loading dock

Are you a customer of Dockequipment.eu? You can order your custom made loading dock products such as loading ramps, mini dock levellers MDL, dockshelters DSCM, dock bumpers ADB and accessories directly online. To create your own loading dock with our products, you go through the selection process itself., where you select the loading dock products and their options (length, width, depth, frame etc.)
We will contact you to confirm the exact delivery date after the order has been placed with us.

more information about our dock equipment for your loading dock?

Please fill in the contact form below and we will contact you ASAP.
You can also call us directly on the following phone number: +31 (0) 33 206 75 37


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