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the newest generation curtain dockshelter: the only real all-rounder 


Suitable in use in almost any situation. The DSCM dockshelter is available in many different types and sizes with a wide variety of customized options.
Our DSCM dock shelter is known for its solid construction, optimum drainage and high durable flaps.


• Optimum aesthetic finish
• Robust flaps made of durable material
• Continuous projection cover prevents leakage
• Lateral drainage
• Stiffness in lateral load




The dockshelter DSCM is mainly used in situations where an optimal sealing is required, and in which large differences in vehicle size apply. This dock shelter provides a virtually hermetic seal between truck and dock opening. The internal temperature is therefore ultimately controlled resulting in lower energy consumption and optimal working conditions.  Furthermore the dock shelter DSCM is well-suited to serve as a drive through shelter.

The newest generation curtain dockshelter is available as a projection model: Type DSCM-R.



The standards outside dimensions of the dockshelter DSCM-R are 3400 mm x 3400 mm (hxw). This is based on a number of factors such as the most common height of the trucks, platform etc. The dockshelter DSCM with its standard dimensions is suitable for central docked vehicles, with a width of 2300 to 2500 mm and a height of 3600 to 4000 mm. This standard dockshelter can be used in most cases. 
The standard DSCM-R dockshelter front projection depth is 600 mm. Based on the standard curtain width, this is the most ideal front projection depth. In some situations a front projection depth of 900mm can be advised. For example if a front building (ramp) model Mini dockleveller MDL-R is selected, the DSCM-R dockshelter front projection depth must be 900 mm. 

Read more about determining the right size of the dockshelter for your application.
Or go directly to Projectplanning  for more information about designing/setting up the loading / unloading area.

Finishing Top curtain

straight top curtain (standard)

A standard dockshelter DSCM-R comes with a completely black, straight top curtain of 1000mm (this measure includes the aluminium top profile). The top curtain is made from a polyester fibre and is finished with a wear-resistant, hard antistatic PVC top coating. The material has excellent mechanical characteristics, to ensure proper functioning under all circumstances. Also the possibility exists to have numbers applied to the topcurtain.

INcised top curtain

The incised top curtain is vertically incised on two locations. This ensures that the forces are easily led away, and better follow the outline(s) of the vehicle.

TOP curtain 1200mm

If a smaller vehicle than applicable to standard circumstances is used, it is possible to order a longer top curtain of 1200mm as an option. This slightly increases the working range, without the need for a non-standard frame, while adequate working range is guaranteed. A top curtain 1200mm can also be ordered with the option incised top curtain.


Collapsible FRAME (STANDARD)

The dockshelter DSCM-R front projection model includes a compressible front frame as a standard. If a vehicle docks, but it is not aligned to the centre, the frame will move to the back, as such avoiding any damages to the dockshelter and / or vehicle. As a standard the dockshelter moves away in an upward direction, ensuring that even in a compressed situation, the top curtain will not be in the clear width during loading and unloading. 
Since the dockshelter rotates upwards if the vehicle is docked out of alignment, the required upper space is 150 mm for a shelter with a depth of 600 mm and 250 mm for a shelter with a depth of 900 mm.

A variety of options on the standard frame are available.

PARALLEL collapsible FRAME

If the free upper space as mentioned above, is not available due to the fact that i.e. the dockshelter is positioned underneath a canopy, we recommend to use a parallel collapsible dockshelter. The parallel collapsible dockshelter retracts straight backwards and requires no free upper space.

Non collapsible (FIXED) FRAME

If requested, a rigid, non-collapsible DSCM-R model can be delivered. We call this option a fixed frame


STORM version

In areas with mostly windy conditions it may be advisable to manufacture the dockshelters with option stormproof. This option provides an additional set of hinge arms, steel cables for less movement of curtains by wind, reinforcements and more screws in the curtains. In combination with option fixed frame or collapsible frame, no additional hinge arms are applied.


The dockshelter DSCM is packaged as follows:

The entire frame is packaged as a bundle together. The curtains, cover and mounting material are packed in a box. If large numbers of dockshelters per order, the frames will be packed per 6 (maximum) as a bundle and the boxes will be packed by a maximum of 9 boxes on a pallet.

OPTion "SECURE LOAD" for container loading (inflatable cushions + EXTRA straps)

This option can only be selected in the webshop when the goods are to be loaded into a container and that will be done by us.
In order to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transport overseas, the load will be fixed with extra straps and inflatable cushions are placed between the cargo and the wall of the container.


Supplied in pairs (set) NOTE: the corner seal sets 600 are only suitable for the standard DSCM-R (600mm depth). The corner seal sets 900 are only suitable for the DSCM-R with optional 900mm depth!
Option "secure load" for container transport = the use of special inflatable cushions + extra straps to avoid damage during container transport.
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DSCM-R Front projection model
€ 944,00
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Projectplanning / dock design

Well begun is half done!
This is certainly true in the case of a proper project planning regarding the design of the loading and unloading process for a project. We are here to help you  Read more​