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Delivery times

Because most of our products like the mini dock leveller, dock levellers, dock shelters and dock houses are custom-made, delivery times vary depending on the options chosen. Considering the amount of options it is not possible for us to keep these products in stock. However dock bumpers and accessories are often available from stock.

After ordering and payment in the shop the following estimated production times can be expected: 

1-3 WEeks

  • Dock bumpers: Type ADB, ADB-PE 
  • Accessories: LED Dock light 220V, LED Dock light 12V, Traffic light ATL, Wheel chocks AWC-R/AWC-RS, Safety Mirrors AMR, Corner cushion sets ACS, Road marks ARM, Tail lift ATS

4 WEeks

  • Dock shelters: DSCM-R standard model (3400x3400x600m and without any options)
  • Dock bumpers: Type ADB-M, ESM, ADB-ES, LDB, ANB, SDB, SSB, AJB
  • Accessories: Wheel guides AWG, Safety Bollards ASB

5 WEeks

  • Mini dock leveller MDL
  • Dock leveller DLH-NG
  • Dock leveller DLE-NG
  • Dock house DHH/DHE
  • Accessories: Wheel chocks Type AWC-S/ AWC-D, Dock steps ADS

6 weeks

  • Dockshelter DSCM-R (inclusing options)


+ 2 WEeks EXTRA

  • Option galvanizing in combination with Mini dock leveller, Dock leveller or Dock house

The exact date that the products will be ready in production will be confirmed to you after we receive your payment and the order is scheduled for production.

After a long search for a supplier for levellers, we ended up at Dockequipment.eu in 2016. A party that we still work with to this day. The added value we demand, such as...

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Latest product news

Stay informed of the latest developments of our products and projects:

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