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How can i order through the web shop?

The web shop, as well as detailed product information, is available to our registered resellers. Register now at Become-a-reseller. We will respond as soon as possible and contact you to discuss the possibilities.
You can also create an account. Enter your information to "register as a reseller" soon after you will receive a confirmation of your account from us. Then you will have access to the website and all the information available.

WHat is the delivery time of your products?

Under Delivery times you can find more information about our delivery times. The exact date that the products will be ready in production will be communicated to you after we receive your payment and the order is scheduled for production.

Will the order be delivered or do i arrange transport myself?

If you place an order on the website with us, you have maximum three options (depending on the country):

- Ex works (EXW): Self pickup by appointment. In most cases this option is preselected for you because the other options are not available for your country. We will contact you to make an appointment for loading. Without appointment it is not possible to pick up goods from us. Then you can send your carrier. Note in this case, that the driver has the correct references with him and that he will arrive on time, otherwise it is not possible to load.

- Delivery (CPT)(only available in a few countries): Our carrier will contact you to arrange a time and date of delivery with you.

- Delivery (CPT) with forklift (only available in a few countries): If there is no machine at the delivery address, which can pick up the goods from the truck, the carrier takes a special car with forklift.

One of these options can be chosen after you have agreed to our terms and conditions and agreed to making payment of the order.

More information? See Transport

Do you install the products yourself?

You buy the products directly from the factory and we have no service device employed to install the products on site. Proper instructions and manuals will be sent to you in advance by email so you can install it yourself or have it mounted.

WhAT DOEs dockequipment.eu do with my information?

When placing an order it is necessary to fill in your personal details. Your data will be carefully preserved. We do not use your information for any other purpose and do not disclose your information to third parties. We value your privacy.

can i simply return the products?

The web shop is not intended for consumers but especially for resellers (B2B). The right of withdrawal does not apply here. As our products are custom made, we cannot take them back.

I have a complaint, what can i do?

For informing us about a complaint or defect, please contact us without further delay by email or by phone. Mention clearly the order number, the product and give a description of your complaint or defect.

These data are necessary for us to determine what and when was delivered and to be able to help you with a quick and satisfying solution.

For more information about the procedure to follow, we refer you to the description in Warranty or the terms and conditions in our General sales conditions



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After a long search for a supplier for levellers, we ended up at Dockequipment.eu in 2016. A party that we still work with to this day. The added value we demand, such as...

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Our dock products meet the strictest safety standards.
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