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Wheel guides AWG



Correct docking with wheel guides prevent damage. 






  • Suitable for new and existing buildings
  • Available as built-in or surface model in different dimensions
  • Standard galvanized finish


Wheel guides ensure correct positioning of the vehicle to the loading and unloading platform. Therefore the risk of damage to the vehicle, the building or the dockleveller, dockshelter reduces considerably.

Wheel guides are especially recommended in combination with wide docklevellers, pillow or inflatable dock shelters because in these situations precise positioning of the vehicle is even more important.

The standard galvanized wheel guides are available as built-in and as a surface model. The built-in model is embedded in the concrete foundation. The surface mounted model is equipped with foot plates with mounting holes. Mounting material can be ordered as a separate option. This is not part of the standard delivery

€ 715,00
Set Wheelguides Type AWG-011
€ 584,00
Set Wheelguides Type AWG-012
€ 1 055,00
Set Wheelguides Type AWG-013
€ 1 237,00
Set Wheelguides Type AWG-014
€ 901,00
Set Wheelguides Type AWG-025
€ 568,00
Set Wheelguides Type AWG-030
€ 715,00
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