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Robust and durable plastic bumper.


The ADB PE bumpers are made from durable polyethylene without harmful substances. These robust bumpers have a high durability and are environmentally friendly. After the service life of the bumpers, they can be crushed to granules again.


  • Good protection of building and vehicle
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Made from recycled plastic
  • Available for different applications
  • Consoles are available in galvanized or RAL 9005 finish, protection plates in galvanized finish


Robust and durable plastic dock bumpers.

Made from robust and durable polyethylene with a long life and high durability. Contains no harmful substances. The PE dock bumpers feature countersunk mounting holes and fully compatible with the rubber version (ADB).

The ADB-PE dock bumpers can be mounted on our consoles or provided with protection plates. As with the rubber type (ADB).

In order to make the right choice from our wide range of dock bumpers, we have already put all the specifications in a sheet for comparison.
Check our dock bumper matrix.

Choose from the consoles and choose the desired finish: black RAL 9005 or hot-dip galvanized
The protection plates are supplied hot-dip galvanized as standard.
€ 180,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type ADB-PE
€ 180,00
Build custom
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