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The Inflatable dockshelter: escpecially suitable in air-conditioned or refrigerated storage areas

The inflatable dock shelter DSI-NG is the most efficient and durable sealant for a loading / unloading platform.


  • Attractive aesthetic finish
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust cushions made of durable and high quality material, folded nicely
  • Ideally suited for conditioned environments
  • Folded cushions are stored behind protective strips
  • Available as built-in or front projection model
  • Efficient and durable seal
  • CE certified



The inflatable dock shelter DSI-NG is the most efficient and durable sealant for a loading / unloading platform. Due to the accordion design of the cushion, an optimal seal is created. This is why the dock shelter DSI-NG is specifically used in situations, where there are large differ-ences between the internal and external temperatures. For instance in air-conditioned or refrigerated storage areas.

The system with counter weights ensures that the top cushion continu-ously adapts to the varying height of the vehicle to prevent the top cushion from getting damaged and maintain its seal. The dock shelter DSI-NG is safeguarded against vehicles leaving prematurely. In the event that this does happen, the unique free mov-ing cushion mountings will ensure that the cushions will swing away from the vehicle (without the suspension of the cushions being dam-aged).

A declaration of conformity regarding machines (CE marking) is issued when all components, accessories and control boxes have been supplied by dockequipment.eu and the dock shelter with these components, accessories and control boxes is installed according to our installation manual by expert and authorized personnel.

The  Inflatable dockshelter is available in 4 types: a built-in type (DSI-006NG), built-in and drive-throughmodel (DSI-006DNG), a projection type (DSI-016NG) and a projection and drive-throughmodel (DSI-016DNG). For protection te projection model (DSI-016NG) is provided with hot dip galvanized protection consoles.


Controlbox Acb040

The blower motor is easily operated by means of a single push button on the control box. As soon as a vehicle is docked within the dock shelter, the blower motor can be activated and within 30 seconds the area between the door opening and the vehicle is sealed.

The blower motor maintains the pressure in the cushions during the loading and unloading operation. The speed of the blower motor is adapted to the amount of air required. This allows the power consump-tion of the economical blower motor to be reduced even further to about 35%!

Combination Controlbox ACB020 (DLH/DSI)

If a dockshelter is ordered in combination with a hinged lip (DLH-NG) dockleveller a combination controlbox can be ordered as well. This controlbox will operate the dockleveller and shelter.
For a dockshelter DSI-NG in combination with a dockleveller type DLH-NG you can choose controlbox type ACB020.

COMBINATIon Controlbox ACB025 (DLE/DSI)

For a dockshelter DSI-NG in combination with a dockleveller type DLE-NG you can choose controlbox type ACB025.


The top cushion is about 1100 mm high in the inflated state as standard. With a large difference in various trucks, it may be necessary to take a larger top cushion. The top cushion is optionally available in 1300 mm, 1500 mm, 1700 mm, 1900 mm and 2100 mm high.


The side cushions are approximately 600mm wide when inflated. Optionally, it is also possible to order wider side cushions, namely 700 mm, 800 mm, 900 mm or 1000 mm wide.

Corner cushions

The dock shelter comes with corner sealing elements with foam core as a standard. These are adaptable to the depth of the bumpers, to-gether with the side cushions. Optionally inflatable corner seals inte-grated into the side cushions are available.


The inflatable dockshelter is packed in a wooden crate, including mountingematerial and UNP consoles (only with DSI-016NG).

OPTion "SECURE LOAD" for container loading (inflatable cushions + EXTRA straps

In order to ensure that the goods will not be damaged during transport overseas, the load will be fixed with extra straps and inflatable cushions are placed between the cargo and the wall of the container. This option can only be selected in the webshop when the goods are to be loaded into a container and that will be done by us.


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