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Type SAB



New shock absorbing dock bumper suitable for intensive use!

Reduce impact energy of approaching vehicles substantially with the new SAB shock absorbing dock bumper.


· Impact energy of the truck is substantially reduced
· Maximum damping effect due to unique kinematic system
· Designed for efficient and long-term use
· Console and armour plate standard galvanized

Consoles thermisch verzinkt 


High quality and durable

The SAB bumper is very robust and therefore suitable for intensive use. Both the wall mounted console and armour plate which are made from 10 mm steel, are standard hot-dip galvanized. The elastomers in the bumper are made for long-term load.

The SAB bumper is delivered in 550 mm and 800 mm high versions. At low platform heights or high platform vehicles (swap bodies) one or both bumpers can be mounted 250 mm above the platform for optimum protection of the building façade.
In relation with the free lip imposition of the ramp, we recommend the SAB 140mm deep bumpers for ramps with a rotating lip and 210 mm deep bumpers with a telescopic lip.

In order to make the right choice from our wide range of dock bumpers, we have already put all the specifications in a sheet for comparison.

€ 1 474,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type SAB-5514
€ 1 586,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type SAB-5521
€ 2 125,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type SAB-8014
€ 2 378,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type SAB-8021
€ 1 799,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type SAB-805514
€ 1 982,00
Set Dock Bumpers Type SAB-805521
€ 1 474,00
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